Naz GamieldienDirector

    BA (Human Ecology) HDE

    Former Group Head of Training and Director for Training and Organizational Development at Cipla Medpro South Africa.

    Naz joined Forrester Pharma after serving on the operational board of Directors at Cipla. She is an accomplished executive professional with extensive pharmaceutical experience coupled with sound business acumen. Her commitment and passion are instrumental in developing the Forrester brand and articulating the company’s vision. Naz has the ability to foster and maintain valuable relationships both internally and externally through the art of networking with a mission to inspire, inform and motivate individuals to achieving their full potential in whatever role they play in the organisation. Her leadership style is open and inclusive, driven by a strong need to get things done. Her acquired expertise to pull together a group of people, who may not have anything in common, drives business growth through the collaborative implementation of company goals. Naz is a future focused woman who welcomes diversity and embraces change through playing an influential role within teams and external stakeholders to building profound partnerships.